Gulf Fastener, Inc.

267 Bay Shore Ave

Mobile, AL 36607

Phone: 251.473.2116

Fax: 251.450.5074

Value and Reliability

We want our customers to see us as a long-term business partner. Knowing that we will be here when you need us is important to the ongoing success and timely completion of any project. We are well established as a company with the capacity to do the best job for you.

Need to know that your supplier is capable and reliable? You can count on us as your dependable source. Being an asset to our customers is always our primary goal.

We can supply product certification and test reports with our shipments as well as maintain them in our file depository for you. In addition, we offer contract, hold and release, and site inventory management programs. Whether it is something standard or developing a special program tailor-made for you, we will accommodate your requests.